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Glen Eira City Council adding another 3 MowMaster Pedestrian Rollers to their fleet of Cricket Pitch Rollers.

Programmed Property Services took delivery of their new fleet of MowMaster Turf Equipment for the Crown Casino Gardens.

Optus Stadium took delivery of their new Cricket Pitch Rollers last week before the Australian V England ODI along with there new Pitch Mowers, Sprayers, Verticutter, Water Soper and much more’..

We have added a few extras to our new MowMaster Pedestrian Roller which include removable scraper trays, rubber engine mounts, optional sun shade & seat, 2 speed hydraulic motor to increase traversing speed if needed. Interested? Give us a call today on (08) 9362 2755 or email [email protected]    

Our Latest Cricket Pitch Mower range will be available soon. To find out more give us a call on (08) 9362 2755 or email [email protected]  

The MowMaster High Cut Series of Commercial Cylinder Mowers gives you by far the broadest range of cutting applications on the market, allowing the operator to cut heights from as low as 8mm to 50mm high. Its unique Disc Roller set up will eliminate any double cutting issues and leave the most cleanest of cuts

MowMaster Pitch Roller at Adelaide Oval yesterday, good to see the Aussies get the win.

Sneak Peak of our brand new model MowMaster Pitch Mower we have been trialing over the last few weeks. This machine both operates and cuts extremely different than anything we have ever built before! If you’re interested give us a call on (08) 9362 2755 or email [email protected]

Our new Sweeper Mower is now available with the option of a Steel Wire brush for Turf Surfaces or Nylon Brush for both Synthetic & Turf Surfaces. If you’re interested give us a call on (08) 9362 2755 or email [email protected]

Our latest Covers Trailer making the task a lot easier for the crew at the WACA to lay/remove there massive 10 Block Cover. Its Swivel top allows the operator to simply hold one end of the Cover wile your Tractor or Utility Vehicle drives down the side of the Pitch.