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Here is a new concept from MowMaster. A Sight screen set up that will save you hours in time. Unique design—Black one side, White the other. 360 degrees rotation in less than 30 seconds. Completely safe, no working at heights or heavy lifting. Polyethylene inserts, 25mm cut outs allow good wind flow but still small

The all new MowMaster LM1000 Line Marker is a unique concept which Incorporates a specially designed cassette system that allows you to Interchange rollers to suite up to 5 different line widths in the one machine. SPECIFICATIONS: 50, 75, 100, 120, 150mm available widths Very well balanced and good down pressure on the front wheel

Since 1947 MowMaster have been producing Australian made commercial Turf Equipment. We have many high profile consumers of our products around the country and internationally, including most major turf wicket venues in Australia, many golf course facilities and all fine manicured turf surfaces which rely on professional equipment to deliver perfect results. Our introduction to