The all new MowMaster Pedestrian Roller is a completely new concept in Pitch Rolling equipment.
No more back breaking manoeuvring or operating concerns, it’s all been taken care of! The requirements of concentrated down pressure on one roller and the compactness of the unit, allow cross rolling to be outstanding in this product.

The operator has great control of manoeuvrability with the forward/reverse control leavers being finger tipped controlled at the ULTRA STEER operating position. A variable speed hydraulic power transmission also makes control of operation very easy and comfortable. 2 speed transmission is also a optional extra allowing the operator to increase travel speed up to 50% faster.

The machine being so compact, makes it very easy to store. The operator weight and steering distribution have very little disruption, if any to the recovering pitch area whilst cross rolling. Heavy Duty Scraper makes cleaning of the roller very simple as the unwanted clippings and clay deposit into the unique scraper tray which is removable for ease of emptying.

The roller itself has a wall thickness of 28mm and is fully machined for consistency in roundness. This machine is powered by a Honda GX270 Engine coupled to a variable speed hydraulic pump and a huge torque limiter for soft feel forward and reverse.
The machine can be ordered in 3 different weight classes. On top of this, each unit can be ballasted for the convenience of desired weight change. Sunshade, Swivel Seat & Dry weight options are also available.

Standard Machine weight is 980 kg dry weight and ballast up to 1580kg
Optional: 1340kg dry weight and ballast up to 1840kg
Optional: 1700kg dry weight and ballast up to 2150kg